Dr. Fetell left no stone unturned when it came to my skin. I had terrible cystic acne which required a holistic approach to treat. Now my skin is better than it has ever been. I finally have the confidence to completely give up make up. After seeing dermatologists who only saw me for a few minutes and then played whack-a-mole with my symptoms with quick-fix prescriptions, I found Dr. Fetell’s comprehensive, investigative and individualized approach to be a pleasant contrast. My treatment included changing my diet dramatically, getting on supplements that my body needed and using targeted topical treatments. I cannot recommend Dr. Fetell enough!
~Emma S. Melbourne, Australia

I have suffered for 3 years with allergies causing skin and abdominal swelling. I was becoming more and more allergic to foods and other substances in the environment. I had a skin biopsy and was told nothing about it. I saw many doctors and I was treated with steroids and allergy shots. The allergy shots caused huge swellings on my arms and I thought they were making me worse. I am from Uruguay and my mother told me I should look for natural medicine. When I came to see Dr. Fetell, this is the condition I was in. She put me on a Functional Medicine program and within a week my belly was flattening down and the skin swelling was down. I still have to be careful of certain foods but I am so much better. I am no longer depressed about the future, have more energy and am able to eat more foods than before.

~Claudia R. Sleepy Hollow, New York

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jill for 10 years for various health related issues. She interpreted lab test for me and put me on high quality supplements which have made a big difference in my health and well being. Recently I have been doing cosmetic treatments with Dr. Fetell and she is fantastic! People tell me I look so young. She does Restylane and Botox for me and has started me on supplements that help build the collagen and have made my hair thicker. I’m 48 but I look and feel as if I’m 38 thanks to Dr. Fetell.

~S.A.S. Scarsdale, New York

When I first went to see Dr. Fetell, my hair was falling out by the handfulls. I had seen other doctors who told me it might grow back and told me to go to a hair clinic in NYC, which had a two year waiting list! At my first visit with Dr. Fetell she told me my hair would grow back and she had a plan. She treated me with supplements, prescription potions and injections in my scalp. Within two weeks of my first visit, my hair had almost stopped falling out. By my second visit, one month later, my hair had started growing. It is now three months since I first saw Dr. Fetell and my hair continues to grow and thicken with very few hairs falling out. I am very pleased with Dr. Fetell’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

~Joyce J. Tomkins Cove, New York

Dr. Fetell is the first person who has given me a prescription for my face that has actually worked! Functional medicine understands skin better than anyone I have seen. In one appointment I have gotten better results than the countless visits with other doctors. Highly recommended!

~Chris M. Westchester, New York

Just wanted to send you our appreciation for the fine work you completed on the spider veins on Cecilia’s legs, this past March 2010. Cecilia’s legs look and feel incredible. You are an OUTSTANDING doctor and the attached pictures prove it! We greatly appreciate your efforts on her behalf. We wish you continued success and blessings on your practice.

~James and Cecilia C. Tampa, Florida

I tried in Norway and the U.S. for many years to get the little white bumps on my eyelids treated. To me they showed and did not look good. None of the Dermatologists knew what to do. They said it would go away in time but it never did. After the treatment with Dr. Fetell, the spots are gone. My mom was like “Wow” because I’ve been so sad and upset for many years about my problem. I’m so pleased with the result. It’s amazing what you’ve done.

~Kaia G. Student from Norway

I have been seeing Dr. Fetell for years for treatment of various skin and pain problems. She has such full introspection and understands all aspects of my problems. She does a full examination and spends time discussing the issues. I am left with a clear idea of the problem after I have consulted her. I can only use such adjectives as detailed, diligent, thorough, skilled, competent, available, unhurried, and compassionate to describe her.

~Shirley R., Psychotherpist, Airmont, N.Y.

I started doing the treatment in December 2008. I was very disappointed with my abdomen after having 3 children. I came to Dr. Fetell and had mesotherapy injections. I’m very satisfied with the result. I’ve had two treatments and I can certainly see the difference. I have referred other people who are satisfied as well and I thank her for what she has done.

~Wanda D. White Plains, NY

I have been coming to Dr. Fetell’s office in the Bronx and now in Tarrytown since 1997.  When I came to Dr. Fetell, I was hopeless and physically in bad shape.   I had been to many doctors in and out of the country and had been given a lot of oral medicines that were harming my body.  Once Dr. Fetell started treating me, she found all the ways of treating my disease, Sarcoidosis, and has enabled my face to look normal again. 

~Rafaela P. Bronx, NY

I first saw Dr. Fetell 20 years ago in her office in Manhattan when I was 24. When I find a good doctor, I stick with her and Dr. Fetell is an excellent doctor. She has been able to control my eczema. I have sent many people to see her.

~Abigail C. Bronx, NY

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