My friend is noticing some light coming through his left eye which had a failed corneal implant and he was unable to see anything out of that eye for a long time. It is less than 2 months since he started on your vision supplement program and now he is very excited to see some light coming through!

~ Harriet H, Hartsdale, NY

I came to see Dr. Fetell 2 years ago because I was fatigued and had problems with my blood sugar. I would get low blood sugar and mood swings and terrible reactions to many foods. The only thing I could do was to eat all day long to keep from getting the low blood sugar reaction but I never felt well doing that.

Anyway, Dr. Fetell did some metabolic testing and she found a problem with the energy generation cycle which was corrected with a nutritional and supplement program she put me on. It took a while to correct the problem but I stuck with it and now I feel better than I ever felt in my whole life! I’m 62 and I have more energy than I did at 30 or 40. It took time but as I gradually felt better I started decreasing the supplements and I continued to feel good so now I don’t need to take very much in the way of supplementation and the problem seems to have corrected itself.

I feel like a completely different person now.

~Denise B. Hartsdale, New York 6/13/19

Hi Dr. Fetell,

I just wanted to reach out to you and thank you so much for all of your help with my son John. I have seen a huge difference in him since starting your program, I really think the magnesium was key. I have my happy son back!!! I like to give credit where credit is due and let someone know when they did a great job. Thank you so much for all of your help!

~Pat G. Chester, New York 3/17/18

Good morning & heartfelt thanks, Jill, for your insights, time & generosity on Saturday & for talking me into the tests: Embarking on my new regime, already there are glimmers of renewed energy & hope, which, to say the least, is an enormous relief! If ever you can use this testimonial, please feel free to do so.

~Marjorie J. Phila. , PA 11/06/17

Hi Jill,

I just had my annual physical and the blood panel showed significant improvement, most likely due to the recommendations emanating from the ION panel last year. To sum up the relevant markers, my estradiol went from 70 to 51, HDL from 38 to 68, TRIG from 71 to 63, homocysteine from 13 to 7.4, CRP from 4.0 to,0.6, gluc-f from 122 to 108, and A1C only from 4.8 to.5.2.

Don’t hesitate to use my case to demonstrate the benefits of the ION panel in all kinds of cases. Remember that my issues were primarily subclinical and it was only my hyperalertness that resulted in my scheduling an appointment with you and your recommending the ION panel.

My internist was not concerned with my annual physical blood panel results last year.

~John L., Westchester, New York 10/6/16

Dear Dr. Fetell,

I wanted to express my overwhelming gratitude to you for all of the wonderful help and positive medical advice you have provided my family over the past few years. You know how important my family is to me. It is such a relief and pleasure to have someone like you to care for them. Thanks to you their health issues have diminished substantially. It is amazing to see my mom who is 76 years young, now have her cardiovascular health near perfect, especially since her siblings are all on medication for their cardiovascular issues. Thanks to you my mom is doing amazingly well in so many ways! I appreciate your expertise and knowledge in helping my younger brother too. I know that he too will benefit from all of your help. Thank you for your genuine support and caring.

~AR, Westchester NY 9/18/15

I have known Dr. Fetell for several years. I recently had experienced much stress, which negatively affected my body. I went to see Dr. Fetell to help. She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. She did laboratory and metabolic testing and provided me with a very detailed report on my health issues and then recommended a protocol, which I followed. Within a few weeks I felt much better. In addition, she recommended some acupuncture to help with the stress, which I did in her office. I felt the acupuncturist was also very knowledgeable and advanced. This too was extremely helpful. Dr. Fetell is an awesome practitioner and person. She is one of a kind and most compassionate. I have since recommended two other family members to Dr. Fetell. They too are doing very well. I highly recommend her as a #1 practitioner!

~Angela R., Hauppauge, New York

Jill Fetell is actually a “Functional Medicine” MD, who works on health and nutrition. She’s an MD trained at Einstein as a dermatologist, but had a weird nutritional problem that the medical community was ill-equipped to deal with and she changed her life’s work. What I like about her is that she does medical testing to determine problems to address, and takes time to explain what’s going on metabolically. She is also very responsive to e-mailed questions and is a nice, gentle person as well.

~Bernice R., Clinical psychologist, Ossining, New York

I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Jill Fetell and to have benefited in so many ways from her integrated medicine diagnosis and treatments. I have found particularly valuable Dr. Fetell’s comprehensive use of medical history, nutritional evaluation, and blood work analysis to maintain the proper function of body systems. I have found acupuncture treatments with Cindi Smith a critical factor in addressing pain issues and to stimulate healthful body functions, with significant improvements in longstanding problems with arthritis pain, asthma, sleep and mood disorders.

~Geoffrey S., Lawyer, White Plains, New York

-Infectious enthusiasm
-Expert knowledge
-Tireless effort

~Joanne M., Audiologist Cortland Manor, New York

How wonderful and personal the care is that you provide all the time. I appreciate your use of supplements and intravenous nutrition for preventing and treating diseases, rather than going immediately to prescription drugs. I also appreciate your multifaceted practice, including pain management, nutrition, acupuncture, and dermatology and the fact that you accept most insurances, which makes it feasible for people to receive this kind of medicine. It’s like one stop shopping, and the quality of care is outstanding!

~Harriet H., Retired business owner, Hartsdale, New York

Dr. Jill has restored my good health. When I first met her several years ago, I was suffering from a lingering case of bronchitis that had depleted my strength and spirits. Yet no conventional M.D. seemed able to accurately diagnose or effectively treat my illness. After careful consultation with Dr. Fetell, who took a great deal of time to listen to me, I began a regimen of vitamins and monthly IVs of vitamin C, glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, and vitamin B12 that continue to this day. It makes so much more sense to me to boost and strengthen my immune system to prevent illness, rather than bombard it with antibiotics once it is too late. As my 70th birthday approaches, I have never felt better. Dr. Fetell has become a good friend, and if everyone I give her card to makes an appointment with her, the line of her patients will go around the block in Tarrytown!

~Marjorie G. J., Author Bronxville, New York

When I first came to Dr. Fetell about 5 years ago, I was in very bad shape with severe fibromyalgia and debilitating pain, which I was suffering from each day. I was diagnosed with this muscle illness at 19 years old, and since that time I have spent many years and was seen by many doctors seeking relief, only to be told it was all in my head! So finding Dr. Fetell was a godsend to me. She is a holistic M.D. who treats the whole person, both physically and mentally with both eastern and western philosophies, using medications plus vitamins, supplements, and nutrition. Dr. Fetell is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist. There are also fantastic licensed acupuncturists. Their treatment is a massage with gloves connected to the frequency specific microcurrent machine, in addition to acupuncture and low level laser. This “hands on “ approach helps me enormously to manage my pain. Dr. Fetell, and their staff of acupuncturists never stop wanting to learn and to seek out new information. They are always going to conferences and bringing back new ideas, so I feel I am in the best hands possible! These people really care about each other and every patient that comes to them. They have literally saved my life in so many ways. I feel very grateful and extremely fortunate to have found this type of help.

~Monica B., Artist Pearl River, New York

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