Do you take medical insurance?

I am out of network with most health insurance. I do provide a superbill with the CPT codes that  you can submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement if they cover these services and if you have out of network benefits.

Do you prescribe prescription drugs?

Yes and no. I I prescribe prescription drugs only when necessary or when trying to reduce the symptoms while we are working on the underlying root problem. For instance, people may need a drug while trying to manage their high blood pressure. Meanwhile, together we will work on their weight and other factors and eventually they may no longer need the drug. My preference is to use natural methods and supplements in treating various health condition. 

What medical conditions do you treat?

I treat the person who has the condition, not the condition itself. Every conditions is a result of some imbalance in the body, whether toxicity, deficiency of nutrients, stress or inappropriate diet. It could be some or all of these factors which contribute to their illness.

What skin conditions do you treat?

I treat all skin conditions. As with medical conditions, it is important to treat the person, not the condition. To determine the issue we must do functional testing to see why the person has the conditions and not just treat the symptoms. For instance, if a person has eczema some doctors may merely treat the rash with a steroid. However, with functional medicine we want to know if the person has a lack of omega 3 fats, if they need probiotics due to dysbiosis or food allergies. This is why functional testing is important. 

Do you provide services for children?

I do treat children (any age) for nutritional deficiencies and skin conditions. 

What conditions do you treat with acupuncture?

We treat pain conditions such as back, shoulder and  neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, stress and anxiety, infertility, insomnia, smoking cessation, hormonal imbalance, PMS, hot flashes,  night sweats, allergies, digestive issues, and more. Call our office to inquire. 

Do you recommend dietary supplements?

Yes, however, my recommendations are based on a person’s specific needs and my comprehensive medical assessment and history. I recommend dietary supplements, herbals, and natural topical skin care.

What kind of testing do you do?

I do various conventional and functional medicine testing. Lab tests are based on your medical assessment, history and symptoms. I only do functional lab  test as needed. Labs tests can vary for nutrients such as vitamin, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids, hormones, digestion, chemical and toxic exposure, detoxification pathways, and metabolism.

Do you do weight loss?

As part of a comprehensive assessment, I will uncover your nutritional deficiencies leading to weight issues. I may refer you to my resident nutritionist, Angela Russo who would with you in-depth to uncover your specific nutritional program. 

What kind of medical doctor are you?

I am a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine and trained in dermatology from Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. I’ve practiced dermatology since 1981. I also am a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Acupuncturist. I have practice Functional Medicine for over two decades.