Dr. Jill is a great coach and motivator. She has a laser-like ability to get to the heart of a situation whereby she then offers the best advice to work through it. She has helped me lose 20 lb! I love her Take Shape For Life Program.

~Linda B., Sales Manager, Ossining, New York,

People have stopped me and said, “What are you doing?”  After all the diets and programs I’ve done, this one’s the one that really works. Jill is a great coach and has helped me through the program and motivated me to do better.   I really think Jill can help anyone who wants to lose weight. I’m also getting acupuncture at the office, which has helped me with a pain condition. 

~Luz S., Grandmother, Tarrytown New York

My husband started your healthy eating plan and lost 10 lb. in the first week and felt much better. The plan is a great way to eat healthy without feeling that you are on a diet, and good for people who have a hard time sticking to a diet.

~Nancy M., Bank Executive, Pleasantville, N.Y.

I resisted going on this program for several months but then I saw the results that others were getting.  The program was so easy, I could feel the fat melting off my body and Dr. Fetell’s coaching made all the difference.

~Harriet H., Retired Business Owner, Hartsdale, New York

I went on this program to lose weight and this program really worked for me.  In addition, several health problems I had been suffering from cleared up!  It’s been easy to keep the weight off and, as a TSFL health coach myself, I really enjoy helping others to succeed and feel better, as I have done. 

~Toni K. , Acupuncturist, Portchester NY

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