I haven’t had one Migraine since I started on your program! I used to take Imitrex every week.  I lost so much time in my life.

~ Deanne S, Ridgefield, CT

I don’t know where I’d be without the microcurrent and acupuncture I’ve received at Tarrytown Functional Medicine.  After I fractured and dislocated my metatarsal, my swelling and pain level didn’t change for the first 2 weeks. But both pain and swelling were visibly less after the first treatment and improved after every subsequent treatment.  I’m a believer!

~Linda B., Physiatrist, Thornwood, NY

I feel great!  The pain hasn’t come back thanks to the acupuncture I received at Tarrytown Functional Medicine. 

~Debra P. , Artist, Tarrytown, New York

I have noticed a huge reduction in my stress and anxiety levels since receiving the stess acupuncture treatments at Tarrytown Functional Medicine.  There are times when I’ve come over here in the height of a panic attack and then by the time I leave, I’m much calmer.  For the pain, both the acupuncture and the micro-current are helping me.  I didn’t even believe in acupuncture before, but now I do.

~Monica B., Artist, Pearl River, New York

I have become a firm believer in acupuncture as a superb pain management tool. Cindy is a gentle and inspiring practitioner of this craft. Dr. Fetell is an effective and encouraging life coach and has proved to be a valuable font of advice in my weight loss journey. I crawled into this office in April and now I stroll out without pain and 40 lb lighter! A win/win application of acupuncture and weight loss!

~Angela R. Union Leader, New Rochelle, New York

I have found acupuncture treatments with Cindi Smith a critical factor in addressing pain issues and to stimulate healthful body functions, with significant improvements in longstanding problems with arthritis pain, asthma, sleep and mood disorders.

~Geoffrey S., Lawyer, White Plains, New York

I met Dr. Fetell at Burke Rehabilitation Center when she gave a lecture there on Osteoporosis for the Osteoporosis Awareness Group about seven years ago.  Recently I saw her “Health is a Choice” ad and a light bulb went off.  I suddenly realized I did not have to live in pain.  I had been working with another practitioner for about 8 months and had reached a plateau.  Since I have been getting treatments at Dr. Fetell’s office, I can turn my head and back out of a parking lot. My headache has subsided to almost nothing and I am no longer on pain medications.  I am thrilled and will keep on recommending your services.  

~Nancy G. White Plains, New York

About 5 weeks ago, I embarked on a new journey in my life.  Because I have had 3 back operations with a fusion, I have lived with back pain, peripheral neuropathy, and radiculopathy for many years. Because medications were not effective anymore, I decided to try acupuncture at TFM.  When I started with Dr. Fetell, and Toni (my acupuncturist), I was very confident and trusted them completely and soon found that some relief was in sight.  I’m sleeping better, walking better, the pain is getting lighter, and I keep looking forward to the next treatment.  After my last treatment less than a week ago, I awoke the following morning with no burning in my calves for the first time in 20 years!  This to me is a miracle.  It’s working.    I understand that things are going to take some time with good days and bad days, but it really gave me a lot of hope and confidence in choosing Tarrytown Functional Medicine…..I now understand more and more how to achieve my health goals.  Dr. Jill Fetell and the entire staff at Tarrytown FM are very kind and understanding people.  I know I am being led in the right direction with supplements and simple techniques I can do at home to help myself rather than with prescription drugs.  My future looks brighter.  

~Edna B. Sleepy Hollow, New York

About 8 years ago my pain was very severe in my neck and I couldn’t eat, sleep, and barely could sit in a chair. I picked up the River Journal and I saw a little ad about pain management. I could hardly wait until 9:00 to call because the pain was so bad.  I called and spoke to Dr. Fetell who said to come right over. I took 2 treatments and the pain completely went away.    I have never forgotten that.  That was my introduction to Dr. Jill and functional Medicine. I think the acupuncture has contributed to my wellbeing – the whole treatment is beneficial.  I find that after I have been there my range of motion is better and I can do more – I’m sold on it.  My surgeon told me that I could exercise only with a trainer.  George has become my trainer.  Since doing the training, I am walking better and feel more confident.  I sometimes even forget my cane!  I’ve told many people about this office. 

~Eugene E., Retired CEO, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y.

Dr. Fetell and crew are wonderful!  Thanks to their help, I went from being unable to swing a golf club to playing 18 holes 4 times in 8 days – and even had a birdie.  All the modalities – especially the acupuncture – combine to greatly improve my condition,  and therefore, my outlook. (P.S. Other medical offices have not helped at all) 

~L.C., White Plains

I could have gone to physical therapy to have my muscle pull treated, but I went to Tarrytown Functional Medicine instead.  Now, my muscle pull is better, my sinuses are open, my lower back is improving, and my general health is better.  In choosing TFM, I made the better choice. 

~Georgina T, Professor of Psychology, Graduate Center City University, Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.

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