A new, American model of Acupuncture is sweeping the hardcore amateur athlete population. Marathoners, bicyclists, body-builders, rock climbers, etc, have used this cutting-edge treatment.

-Repair injury quickly to minimize time away from training.

-Properly align all musculature preventing future injury.

-Increase muscle tone, sensitivity and mobility – for kinetic enhancement.

Through release of muscular trigger points to clear structural blockages, and stimulation of “Qi” flow system-wide, this remarkable treatment will leave you feeling like a champion —

Even if you’re not an athlete

Nutrition for Optimal Athletic Metabolism

Combining a physical regimen with proper dietary planning is the perfect all-around course for the modern weekend warrior. Cutting-edge metabolic testing, administered by a medical doctor allows nutritional supplements to be designed for your individual needs, putting you in the best position to allow yourself to be the best you can be — body, mind, and spirit.