Our program concentrates on body composition management. This means that the composition of your body, meaning the percentage of lean mass vs. fat mass determines your metabolic rate, or how fast you burn calories. We follow your progress with lean body mass and fat mass as well as weight measurements to determine if the weight that was lost was mostly fat or mostly muscle. Loss of muscle weakens the body and makes it more likely that the person will gain the weight back. The top 3 out of 10 biomarkers of aging in a Tufts University study were: 1. Lean body mass 2. Strength 3. Basal metabolic rate. These measurements are important for overall health as well as for maintaining a desired body weight. 

We stress a healthy balanced program of high quality macronutrients (fats, proteins and carbohydrates) and help people get into a fat burning state. Meal replacements are recommended to deal with insulin resistance. We avoid drugs or supplements that excessively stimulate your body or block important nutrient uptake. The roles of stress and exercise are emphasized in our program in addition to good nutrition. Ear acupuncture is also done in our office for weight loss.   

Check out our weight loss website:  www.healthisachoice.tsfl.com

Bioimpedence Testing


  • Lean body mass 
  • Fat mass 
  • Basal metabolic rate 
  • Hydration status