We are living in an “Obesogenic” world, in which we are surrounded by processed foods that are cheap and tasty but very unhealthy and have been  engineered to addict us.  In a recent New York Times article titled The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food, February 24, 2013 writer Michael Moss covered the science behind the addictive attributes of junk food. He described a meeting of food industry executives who met to discuss the childhood obesity epidemic. Food manufacturers were now being blamed for this.

They went over the statistics:

1.    More than half of American Adults were now considered overweight
2.    One quarter of adults are clinically defined as obese (40 million)
3.    Among children rates of obesity had doubled since 1980 to 12 million. 

When a connection was made between these statistics and the obesity epidemic by the lecturer, a former CEO of a snack food company, the CEOs said “Don’t talk to me about nutrition, talk to me about taste” and basically ignored the threat. 

Unfortunately the fat – sugar – salt – recipe of most processed foods is what got us into the obesity epidemic.  But we have a choice whether to fall into this trap and buy these products, or to choose healthy meals that will help us to live a long and healthy life.  At Take Shape For Life, we use meal replacements that satisfy the taste, but are healthy! 

You make the choice!