Author: Dr. Fetell

Thermography – Radiation-Free Breast Evaluation

  Recently I have had several patients who had a screening mammography done and were told their breasts were dense. What does that mean exactly? Does this mean they have an increased risk of breast cancer? What Causes Dense Breasts? Breast tissue is made up of...Read More

Vitamin C and CORONAVIRUS – China is Using it!

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning your body can’t produce it. It’s an antioxidant and confers the following benefits (among many others): 1. Helps maintain your skin, bones, and connective tissue 2. Promotes wound healing 3. Helps with high blood pressure 4....Read More

Can Stress Cause White Hair?

Can Stress Cause White Hair? My mother told us the story about my grandfather in Australia whose hair turned totally white in a matter of months after being hospitalized for Typhoid fever, an enteric bacterial infection due to a type of Salmonella. Typhoid fever...Read More

The Secret About Indole-3-Carbinole

In a study published May 16 th 2019 in the journal Science, reported by the New York Times on Tuesday May 21, 2019, a dietary supplement called Indole 3 carbinol, an extract from cruciferous vegetables, has been shown to counter a certain type of cancer. The cancer...Read More

The Truth About B Vitamins And Fracture Risk

 Last week two frantic patients notified me by email that they read in the Times Science Section on May 28, 2019 that large doses of B vitamins in older women are associated with higher risk of hip fractures.  Both of these women suffered from osteoporosis and were...Read More