Now you get injections to dissolve a double chin and avoid surgery or liposuction, according to a recent presentation at the 71st American Academy of Dermatology meeting on March 14, 2013.  The procedure is very long lasting and has very few side effects and only short term discomfort.  In addition the procedure causes the skin to tighten.

An open label study of Deoxycholic acid ( bile salts) showed improvement of submental fat (double chin).  Deoxycholic acid, when injected into fat, causes the fat cells to rupture and then the body dissolves it.

The researchers looked at 165 people treated at 21 centers. At 12 weeks past the final treatment, physicians reported that 87% of patients achieved a one-point or greater improvement on the rating scale.

In addition, 83% of patients reported “significant improvement” at the follow-up assessment.

“There can be some swelling and discomfort right after the procedure, but the results have been impressive and they seem to be lasting” according to Dr. Doris Day, a Manhattan Dermatologist.  Skin laxity following the removal of fat is also a concern. The researchers point out that approximately 96% of patients experience unchanged or improved laxity on a grading scale.

Skin Laxity

“We recognize that not only getting rid of fat is important,” said Dr. Susan Weinkle, the lead investigator.  “Histologically you see some collagen septa forming at 28 days, which translates into some skin tightening in that area.”