I remember going to an A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine) meeting around 10 years ago in 2004 and hearing George Hamilton (the actor) speak.  He made a joke that stuck with me because I thought it was funny at the time.   

He said, ” I used to be depressed before I got Botox.” 

Little did I realize at the time that this would become a true statement.

At the annual meeting of the American Psychiatry Association, a presentation by Dr. James W. Jefferson, clinical professor of psychiatry at the university of Wisconsin, reviewed double blind placebo controlled studies (how is that possible?) of Botox used on patients with major depressive disorder and found very positive results.  The patients were injected with Botox at 5 sites on the forehead at a single visit, and showed significant improvements in certain endpoints at 6 weeks.  Wolmer, J. Psychiatric Res. 2012;46:574 – 81 and Finzi and Rosenthal J. Psychiatric Res. 2014;52:1-6)

According to ClinicalTrials.gov, which lists more than 500 studies of botulinum toxin, the drug is under investigation for a variety of medical problems including:  alopecia areata, cervical dystonia, ankle osteoarthritis, posterior hip cheek enlargement, keratoconus, psoriasis, vaginismus, restless legs syndrome, tennis elbow, vulvodynia, bruxism, hyperactive esophagus, and depression. It is already in usage for migraine headaches.

Who would have thought that a treatment for all these ailments could make you look so good!