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Why Should People Die Trying To Prevent Disease?

Several years ago, when my mom was still alive, I found her suddenly doubled over with abdominal pain. There didn’t seem to be any reason for it since she never had digestive problems before. She was living with me at the time so I was monitoring what she was doing....Read More

Here’s A Good Use For Cola Drinks – Pesticide!

Here’s something that has given me cause for optimism about the environment. Evidently cola drinks, no matter the brand, can be used instead of toxic pesticides, and are much cheaper. What a great use for these drinks! Indian farmers use Coca-Cola to protect...Read More

How Toxic is Your Newspaper?

I’ve prided myself in creating a toxin free home. I use citrus peel and vinegar to wash vegetables and clean surfaces in my home, tea tree oil in water as a spray for plant bugs, and enzyme detergents for the wash, but I’ll admit I caught myself spreading toxic fumes...Read More

Homemade All Purpose Citrus Cleaner

I’ve tried for years to find a “natural cleaner” that wouldn’t spread chemicals all over my house or office, only to find that the cleaners either didn’t clean very well or did contain the chemicals I was trying to avoid, and they were...Read More