I’ve tried for years to find a “natural cleaner” that wouldn’t spread chemicals all over my house or office, only to find that the cleaners either didn’t clean very well or did contain the chemicals I was trying to avoid, and they were expensive!  

Then I found this recipe for a citrus cleaner that actually works well, smells good, and is so safe you could eat it!  It’s great for counter tops, sinks, floors, toilets and even washing your vegetables!  

And because you make it yourself,  you know exactly what’s in it.  

This is a picture my cleaning fluid being made in my kitchen!    

You will need: 

  • A 1 gallon mason jar
  • A spray bottle (a re-purposed one is just fine!)
  • White vinegar, 1 gallon
  • Orange, grapefruit, lemon, or lime peels (any combination of these will work, too)
  • 3 -4 drops of lemon, grapefruit, or orange essential oil (optional)

Stuff quart jar(s) about half full of citrus peels
Fill jars the rest of the way up with white vinegar
Cover tightly with a lid and shake
Write the date so you don’t forget!
Steep peels and vinegar 2-3 weeks (The longer it sits, the more potent it will get!)
Remove peels and strain through a fine strainer
Dilute 1:1 with water (one part citrus vinegar to one part water) and place in a spray bottle
Optional: add 3-4 drops essential oil to boost it’s cleaning power
Use as you would your plain vinegar cleaner: on sinks, countertops, bathtubs, toilets, floors, etc

I just filled the jar half full of vinegar and added the peels as I was using them for cooking. 
I didn’t dilute mine and it is not too strong. It has a wonderful citrus small and really cuts through grease. I put in a few drops of lavendar essential oil but lemon oil would be good also.   For more tips, visit: