Finally, there seems to be some recognition that gluten sensitivity can entail more than Celiac disease.   In this New York Times article 2/4/13, Celiac experts who convened in Oslo are calling it Non-Celiac gluten sensitivity. The problem seems to be growing and some are calling gluten free diets a fad.  But people know when they feel better avoiding a food. Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, a Chiropractor who has been raising awareness of gluten sensitivity, said that 30% of his patients have antibodies in the blood to gluten.Although not mentioned in the  article, Dr. O’Bryan presented a vast amount of scientific evidence tin a lecture of his that I attended to support the fact that Celiac disease (gluten sensitivity) can be associated with many non-bowel related symptoms, including Sjogren’s syndrome (dry eyes), Psoriasis, Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) a 2-4 fold increase in liver disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Non-Hodglin’s Lymphoma, Arthritis, and a prevalence of autoimmune disorders that is related to the duration of exposure to the gluten.
Here’s a good webpage that can help one stay gluten free, at least for breakfast anyway!